CAC Update! Help Save CAC!!!

Hello! Well it looks like when I updated the blog it permanently changed things so I can no longer post live links. As I mentioned in my previous post, that makes doing the daily job lists pretty much impossible.

So here's where things stand...

I can move the blog to its own domain and run it through Wordpress. This should solve the link issue.

But that's not the only issue...

I've mentioned before how CAC is a labour of love that I do because I believe it in...I believe in art and artists and the ability to survive as an artistic professional...and I believe in you!

But things have changed in my life. Even though I have tried to get CAC supporting itself financially, I haven't yet succeeded...honestly it wasn't my first priority. Now it HAS to be my first priority. My partner lost his job which means my modest income is not quite paying the bills. This also means I don't have the money right now to move CAC to its own domain (which means no job lists until that happens).

I'm now faced with the choice of getting CAC monetized or shutting it down.

I really, really want to keep CAC going, so I'm asking for your help.

First, I've added a "Donate" button to the sidebar where you can help out with whatever you have (you can also click here to donate). Want to donate $20? Awesome! Want to donate $5000? Even better! Anything and everything helps!

I've also tried other means of monetizing CAC...
* Sponsor Ads
* A small fee to post a listing on the site (individual listings, not the daily jobs listings)
* Adsense (on a good week I get one click)
* Amazon Affiliates (it was adding this that screwed up the blog, but I think it will be a helpful resource -- so hopefully if I get a new blog set up I will be able to still use it)
* I also tried memberships in the past that offered additional services and programs.

So far, nothing is working.

If you have any ideas or are willing to help out financially, I'm willing to listen and thankful for the help! CAC@DesireeO.com

Anyway, that's where things stand. Thank you to enveryone who has emailed to offer their support and hopefully I will be able to update again soon with news that things are all worked out and moving forward!
* * * * * * * * *

* UPDATE: 05/10/10 - With the help of the awesome CAC community, the website issue may be worked out. However, there's still the money issue. CAC needs to support itself financially, so that's what I'll be working on next.

Again, if you're able to donate any amount of money, it would be unbelievably helpful! If you'd like to donate, you can use the button on the sidebar or just click here.
Or if you're interested in supporting CAC through a Sponsor Ad, click here for more info.
Thanks again and I'll be updating soon with more info!   

~ Desirée


  1. Hey Desiree, Have you tried using Wordpress.com? I find them SO much better than Blogger/Blogspot. Also -- Wordpress.com is free.

  2. Hey Desiree,

    You should definitely look into to using wordpress.com. Also you should definitely look into purchasing the domain. Buying www.canadaartsconnect.ca would only cost you about 7-9 dollars (yearly) then you could have it hosted for about 10$ a month. So basically it would only cost you about 130$ per year. Plus using the wordpress.ORG platform, you would have a more seo friendly and user friendly (among many other benefits), professional website.

    If you have any question I could definitely help out. Find me on twitter @connectwithcoop or www.alexcooper.ca

    Best of luck, Keep up your IMPORTANT work!

  3. Hi everyone!

    Thanks for your support and suggestions. I have a few options for CAC that I'm exploring.

    Hopefully I'll have news REALLY soon!

    ~ Desirée


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