Pro List: Craig Moore, Video Director/Producer/Camera Operator/Editor (Halifax, NS)

Pro Lists feature Canadian artistic professionals available for work.

Craig Moore
Video Director/Producer/Camera Operator/Editor
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Currently: Runs Spider Video (http://spidervideo.tv), a video production company with a specialty in web based content creation, integration and distribution.

I create, produce, Direct, shoot and post video with an expertise on how to utilize video on the web to promote client messaging.
I also have several in-house productions on the go: SurfDonkey (http://surfdonkey.ca) and Bad Dad (http://baddad.tv).

Looking for: Video projects where my skills and expertise can be best leveraged. Not looking for pro-bono development work.


If you would like to be featured in the Pro Lists, please email your info to cac(at)desireeo(dot)com.

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