Job Listings for Friday June 5, 2009

'happiness' by Kathy Lycka (www.kathylycka.com)
One of the main sites I collect jobs from is down this morning, and after checking it last night, I know for a fact that there are a few jobs on there that I'd like to include on today's list. So, if the board is back up later today, I'll update this post with the new jobs. So make sure to check back!
The jobs I did get for today's list are pretty cool! For instance, Cirque du Soleil is hiring a proofreader/copywriter! So all of you word lovers who thought you'd never work for Cirque because you can't contort yourself or twirl from a rope dangling from the ceiling, this is your chance!
There's also a list of Calls for Submissions / Auditions later today. Make sure to check that out!
Good luck!

Staff Writer (Toronto, ON)
Writer - CTV News Channel (CTV) (Scarborough, ON)
Digital Media Editor (Markham, ON)
Proofreader/Copywriter - CIRQUE DU SOLEIL INC. (Montreal, QC)
Associate Editor (Montreal, QC)
MUSIC TEACHER (Prince Albert, SK)
tattoo artist (Vaughan, ON)

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