Job Listings for Wednesday May 20, 2009

'Hugs' by Shelley Savor (www.shelleysavor.com)
There are jobs on the list for writers, editors, stage managers, fashion designers, and more. But if you're a graphic designer/artist... this is the list for you!!! There are plenty of jobs and some with major employers.
Good luck!

Editor - Yahoo (Toronto, ON)
Marketing Writer (Toronto, ON)
Graphic Artist (Vaughan, ON)
Production Artist, Venue Wayfinding - VANCOUVER 2010 (Vancouver, BC)
Multimedia Guru (Vancouver, BC)
Product Developer (graphic design skills) (Vancouver, BC)
Junior Designer (fashion design/marketing) (Montreal, QC)
Stage Manager (Toronto, ON)
Director of Communications - Alliance for Arts & Culture (Vancouver, BC)

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  1. If anybody's good at French translation, there's an opening at AllRecipes.com for an Online Food Editor: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/wri/1176586397.html


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