Job Listings for Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hi everyone! I got a nice email yesterday expressing concern over a few jobs that I've listed here on the site. The concern was that the jobs offered little/no pay and this helps legitimize employers who are taking advantage, and I shouldn't be listing such jobs here.

My response to the email was that I completely agree! It's actually something I feel very strongly about. If you missed it, I mentioned this very thing in a recent post, 5 Things To Watch Out For On Your Job Search (specifically #1 and #2).

If I’ve listed a job that is for no pay in the daily listings, believe me it was unintentional. On average I go through 150-200 jobs each day and I do my best to check them out for things such as proper pay, legitimate contact info, proper standards, etc. – but once in a while I miss something. If you ever notice something I’ve overlooked, please feel free to leave a comment in the post and I’ll take check it out. Thanks :)

On today's job list there are opportunities for writers, graphic designers, photographers/videographers, creative management types, and more!

Good luck!

Entry level eCommerce writer (Toronto, ON)
Editor (Nanton, AB)
Reporter (5) (Kelwona, BC)
Night/Entertainment Editor (Kelowna, BC)

PhotoShop Imaging Expert (Missisauga/Oakville/Burlington, ON)
Graphic designer needed (Montreal, QC)
Graphic Design & Website Development (Montreal, QC)
Graphic Designer and Publishing Officer (Vancouver, BC)

Photographer/Videographer (Kelowna, BC)

Creative Staff (Richmond Hill, ON)

Project Manager/Office Manager (Toronto, ON)

Looking for a Senior Digital Art Director (Toronto, ON)

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