Job Listings for Thursday, May 7, 2009

There's a nice range of jobs on the list today. Positions for writers and graphics designers, tattoo artists and stage managers, photographers and clothing designers.

There are also opportunities for wardrobe co-ordinators, music teachers, online media strategists, and more!

Good luck!

Senior Writer (Toronto, ON)

Graphic Design Supervisor (Toronto, ON)
On-Air Promotion Motion Graphic Designers (2) (Toronto, ON)
Graphic Designer (Montreal, QC)
Graphic designer (Montreal, QC)
Senior Graphic Designer (Vancouver, BC)

Tattoo Artist (Vancouver)

Senior (denim) Designer (Montreal, QC)

Experienced Wedding Photographer
(Toronto, ON)

Assistant Stage Manager (Toronto, ON)
DIRECTOR (Toronto, ON)
STAGE CREW (Prescott, ON)
Wardrobe Co-ordinator (Prescott, ON)

Music /Strings and Drama Teacher (Toronto, ON)

Community Cruiser Announcer (Kingston, ON)

Production Coordinator (Toronto, ON)

Board & Event Administrative Assistant - Canadian Conference of the Arts (Ottawa, ON)

Online Media Strategist (Toronto, ON)


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