Job Listings for Friday, April 3, 2009

Before we get to today's job list, I wanted to mention I've decided to post 'Calls for Submissions / Auditions' every Friday - so check back for a great list later today!

As for jobs, today we have a long list of opportunities for photographers, stage managers, and on-air talent. There are also positions for art directors, writers, and graphic designers.

Good luck!

Technical Writer (Burlington, ON)
Creative Writer (Vancouver, BC)
Writer (Edmonton, AB)
Proposal Writer (Edmonton, AB)
Copy Writer (Vancouver, BC - telecommute)
Health Writer/Researcher (Vancouver, BC)

Director/Curator, Exhibitions (Vancouver, BC)
Director/Curator, Media Arts (Vancouver, BC)
Curator of Public Programs (Vancouver, BC)

Art Director (Toronto, ON)
Director, Creative Services (Waterloo, ON)
Interactive Art Director (Halifax, NS)

Graphic Designer (Toronto, ON)
Web Graphics Designer (Richmond, BC)

Print Designer (Burlington / Hamilton / Mississauga / Oakville, ON)

Fashion Photographer (Montreal, QC)

Creative Arts Summer Camp Counselor (Toronto, ON)

Fashion Design Instructor (Toronto, ON)

Show Host (Mississauga, ON)
On-Air Colour Commentator (Mississauga, ON)
Reporter/Translator Cantonese News (Edmonton, AB)

* UPDATE: the following three job listings have been removed from the original site, sorry.

Stage Manager - VANCOUVER 2010 (Vancouver, BC)
Senior Stage Manager - VANCOUVER 2010 (Vancouver, BC)
Deputy Stage Manager - VANCOUVER 2010 (Vancouver, BC)


  1. the last 3 links don't work.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the last three job listings. It's actually not the link that's the problem - I checked and the listings have been removed from the original site. I'm not sure why.

    If the jobs are re-listed, I'll re-post them.

    Have a wonderful day!

    :) Desirée


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