Job Listings for Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello! I hope your week has a wonderful beginning! To help on that goal, here's today's job list. Plenty of great opportunties for writers, graphic designers, stage managers, actors, designers, and more!

I'll also be putting up a post later today talking about a few things you should watch out for on your job search. Make sure to check it out. --(* update: click here to read the post)

Good luck!

Fashion Writer/Photographer (Toronto, ON)
Creative Copywriter - Freelance (Toronto, ON)
Reporter (Ottawa, ON)
Reporter (Wakefield, QC)
News Reporter - Contract (Brandon, MB)
Night Editor/Page Designer (Prince Albert, AB)
Senior Editor/Staff Writer (Vancouver, BC)
Art Director / Co-Editor, FRONT magazine (Vancouver, BC)
Banff, Canmore tourism writer (Banff, Canmore)

Media Designer (Web & Print) (Toronto, ON)
Senior Graphic Designer (Ville St-Laurent, QC)
Web Designer / Graphic Designer (Montreal, QC)
Drafting / Graphic Design (Calgary, AB)
Junior Graphic Designer - Vancouver Aquarium (Vancouver, BC)
junior graphics designer (Langley, BC)

Actor (Toronto, ON)

Gallery Assistant (Granville Island, Vancouver, BC)

Intermediate Interior Designer (Vancouver, BC)

Managing Director (Toronto, ON)

Assistant Stage Manager (Vaughan, ON)
General Manager - theatre (Toronto, ON)

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