Job Listings for Friday, April 10, 2009

If you're working this Easter weekend, you're in for a treat when it comes to the job list. It's surprisingly long for a holiday Friday

I will also have a list of 'Calls for Submissions / Auditions' posted later today, and I know for a fact that the list is impressive in both length and type of opportunities available.

Good luck!

Proposal Writer (Toronto, ON)
Editor-in-Chief (Toronto, ON)
Associate Editor (Toronto, ON)
Specification Writer - Architecture (Toronto, ON)
Report Writer/Business Analyst (Toronto, ON)
Creative Writer (Toronto, ON)
Grant Writer (Ottawa, ON)
Reporter (Ottawa , ON)
Writing Instructor (Calgary area, AB)
Content Editor (Edmonton, AB)
Technical Writer (Vancouver, BC)

Graphics & Web Designer (Toronto, ON)
Graphic Designer/Layout Artist - Vue Weekly (Edmonton, AB)
Graphic design (Montreal, QC)

Outsource Art Manager (Contract) (Vancouver, ON)

Video Journalist (Timmins, ON)

PT Instructors: Fine Arts Programme @ St. Thomas Uni. (Fredericton, NB)

One Female Actor (Toronto, ON)

Strings Teacher - The Royal Conservatory (RCM) (Toronto, ON)

Stage Manager (Toronto, ON)
House Technician I (Guelph, ON)
Running Crew Technician (Vaughn, ON)
Production Manager for a musical event (Coqutilam, BC)

Curatorial Assistant (Kingston, ON)
Director/Curator (Gallery) (Owen Sound, ON)

Preparator @ Richmond Art Gallery (Richmond B.C.)


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