Job Listings for Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good morning! Great jobs on the list for writers and graphic designers as usual. Also some cool opportunities for musicians, actors, and photographers.

One thing I can say about checking out these jobs every morning... we do some really cool work!

Good luck!

Editor (Toronto, ON)
Business Writer/Researcher (Toronto, ON)
Research Editor / Publisher (Toronto, ON)
GREEK Reporters / Journalists / bloggers(Toronto, ON)
Bilingual Proposal Writer(Toronto, ON)
Atlantic Canada Copywriter (Halifax, NS)
Freelance Writer/Editor (Edmonton, AB)

Piano Accompanist (Toronto, ON)
Musical Theatre Instructors (Mississauga, ON)

Actor (Toronto, ON)

Story Board Artist (Toronto, ON)
Storyboard Artist (Toronto, ON)

Artistic Web/ Graphics Designer Needed (Toronto, ON)
Graphic Designer (Ottawa, ON)
Graphic Designer - Bilingual (Montreal, QC)
Graphic Designer (Edmonton, AB)
Graphic designer needed (Vancouver, BC)
Graphic Designer for Print Media (Vancouver, BC)

Photojournalist (Jasper, AB)

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