Introduce yourself to the Canada Arts Connect community!

In the few short weeks Canada Arts Connect has been up and running, our community has grown in leaps and bounds! I never expected the site to grow so fast and I'm thrilled and excited! Please continue to spread the word!

I'd also like to get to know you all and give you a chance to introduce yourself to each other and the Canadian Arts community that visits this site daily.

Please leave a comment below letting us know who you are, what you do, and a link to where we can find you online. If you have a Twitter username, please leave that too so we can find you.


  1. I'll go first...

    My name is Desirée (D. Cole) Ossandon and I'm a writer, musician, actor, and artist. Along with running Canada Arts Connect, I write a weekly blog column called 'Shameless Women' for Shameless Magazine, and sing/play in a band called Boom Epic.

    You can find out all about me and my work
    on my website: http://www.desireeo.com
    and on my blog: http://perpetual-existence.blogspot.com

    I'm on Twitter at http://twitter.com/DesireeO
    (@DesireeO ).

  2. Hi,

    I'm Ryan Hayward (http://www.myspace.com/ryanhayward) and I'm a musician and artist. I play in a band called Boom Epic (http://www.myspace.com/boomepic) and write solo work under the name Crash By Bang (http://www.myspace.com/crashbybang). I also run an open mic night in Guelph called Expose Yourself Open Mic Night (http://www.myspace.com/exposeyourselfopenmic).

    Thanks so much!

  3. Hi everyone!

    My name is Pricila Gomes and I'm a fashion designer. I have a womenswear clothing line all handmade using crochet technique. You can check it out my designs and learn more about me at: www.pricilagomes.com

    My designs are available at Shopgirls (www.shopgirls.ca)on 1342 Queen St. West, Toronto

    I am also on Twitter: www.twitter.com/PricilaGomes


  4. Hi, I'm Allison - I'm a hoopdance teacher (www.positivespinhoops.com). I construct, decorate, & sell hoops as well. :]

  5. Hey everyone! My name is Melissa and I'm the artist behind Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities (www.KaoticEkkosCuriosities.artfire.com). My items are also carried at Plastik Wrap and Trap Door on Dundas West. Twitter is Kaotic_Ekko and I also have Facebook and MySpace pages.

    Well, enough about me! Thanks to Desirée for this site. I think it'll catch on REAL fast!

    Nice meeting everyone!

  6. My name is Nora Camps and I am the director of an online art gallery: http://www.gallerynora.com
    These are great days for artists!

  7. I'm Ann Douglas, an author, magazine + newspaper columnist, blogger, copywriter, speaker, and workshop leader. I'm also a mom of four and social justice advocate.


    Twitter: @anndouglas + @themotherofall

    Also maintain these lists on Twitter

    Run this group for Parenting Writers at Facebook:

  8. Hi

    My name is Viki Ackland. I am a writer, artist and jewelry designer. I am Co-Creator, and music editor on www.lipstikindie.com, also assistant editor on www.shebytches.com. I also hand design jewelry which you can find at www.2-mile.com.

    I can also be found on twitter

    Nice to meet everyone

  9. Hello! My name is Jennifer Barrett, and I'm a painter and comic artist and I work as a screenprinter in Newfoundland. My work can be seen at


    I'm also @wearbears on the Twitter.
    Really great to see such a great variety of intros here.

  10. Hi... great site!
    My name is Sarah Burton, I'm a singer/songwriter from Toronto but I seem to spend most of my time on the road.

    You can check me out at:


    and twitter me at


    anyway, wow technology! wow art!

  11. Heya! My name's Kate Reid and I'm a writer and illustrator who lives in Vancouver.

    I co-founded Narwhal magazine:

    I write regular music reviews for Guttersnipe

    and BeatRoute

    and I intern at Geist!

    You can twitter me at:


    I'd love to meet you all! Yay Canadian art!!!

  12. Elle Andra-WarnerApril 8, 2009 at 10:31 PM

    I'm Elle Andra-Warner, an author, journalist, columnist, speaker, travel writer and photographer from Thunder Bay.

    Mom of three daughters and director on Thunder Bay Museum.


    Member of PWAC, TMAC & TWUC.

  13. Great resource! I'm Lori Henry, a freelance writer specializing in Travel, Culture, Health & Hockey, and an actor. I'm currently working on a book about cultural dancing in Canada.

    My Travel Blog @ lorihenry.ca
    Follow me on Twitter @ lorihenry

  14. Great blog! I think us creative types have to stick together and support each other.

    I'm a photographer who specializes in creative portraits and promotional photos for artists.

    My website: www.kevinthom.comKevin Thom Facebook pageI'm on Twitter as @kevinthom

    See you out there!

  15. Hi! My name is Patricia Wood. I'm a GlassArtist and jewelry designer from Montreal Quebec. You can see my work here:

    You can also follow my blog at http://www.verredesign.blogspot.com I'm hosting a great contest, check it out:)

    See you there!

  16. yay Canadian Art! Great idea!

    I'm co-founder of Indyish - a free network for artists who want to sell or write about their work through our site, or perform in the shows we produce. A loose alliance of independents =).

    I'm also sometimes a writer and musician and designer and really happy to meet nice people to learn new stuff from!

    twitter: @indyish also: @purpleuke

  17. Greetings,

    My name is Jon Cone, originally from Richmond Hill, Ont. but now live in the American Mid-West. For eight years I edited the international literary review WORLD LETTER, and am currently completing my MFA in writing. A chapbook is forthcoming, The Plesyre Barge, from Greying Ghost Press, as well as several other small publications.

    A couple of blogs support my differing formal intentions:

    The Artaud Expedition

    Cultural Criticism from the Grocery Department (www.grocerydepartment.blogspot.com)

    Follow me at Twitter under 'JonCone'
    And GoodReads

  18. Hi all! My name is Stacey Voss and I'm the Author of a new book called THUNDER AND BLOOD (www.thunderandblood.com). It's my first novel and it's going to be released on May 15th. I think this is a great site and plan to hang around a bit more in the future.

    Find me on Twitter @thunderandblood

  19. I love this! What a great idea! Please visit http://www.nolaninc.com
    "Passion Beyond Compare"

  20. Hi there. My name's Galadriel Watson and I'm a writer. I've published over 20 non-fiction books for kids and 40 children's magazine articles. My agent is currently sending out my YA novel to prospective publishers. I dabble in all things creative, including dance, knitting, crochet, drawing, pottery and jewellery making.

    Follow me on Twitter @galadrielfw

  21. Hello -

    My name is Juliet Burgess, and I'm a theatre administrator in Calgary, Alta. I am 21 years old and have worked front of house, marketing, finance and production in many theatre companies in Calgary, and in NYC. I am currently working in TYA during the day and at ATP in the evenings. I also have my own small photography business and am always looking for something or someone to photograph. :)

    @JulietBurgess on Twitter

  22. Hi my name is Star Horn and i'm a Mohawk artist. I make jewelry (breastplates, Nez Perce Style necklaces), paint and draw.
    I also make, with a talented partner, RUSTIC FURNITURE! We can be found at www.okwari.ca/rustic.html, or on Twitter (twitter.con/rusticbenches). Drop in, we are always up to something!

  23. Wow... I'm so grateful I found this place!!!

    Anywho, my name is Amanda and I'm jsut about to finish up a post-degree diploma in Arts Management at UWO in London, ON. I'm interested in a career in theatre education, or similar. I wish I was more artistic... instead I want to manage and promote it from the business side - someone's gotta do it, right?

  24. Welcome everyone! I'm so glad so many of you have already introduced yourselves! And I'm glad you're enjoying the site :)

    Feel free to get in touch anytime if there's anything I can do for you.

    :) Desirée

  25. Bienvenido Cruz, Director and Designer.
    I mostly work in music videos and commercials, but have been known to dabble in pretty much everything.


  26. Hi my name is Amy Batchelor, I am the Design Coordinator at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. I manage and maintain the social networking sites for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and Canada's premier art prize the Sobey Art Award.



  27. Hi, my name is Sarah Rossetti and I am a multi award winning West Australian Scriptwriter with an interest in Canada. My dad was born there, and I have written on two Australia/Canada TV co/pros, and pitched at your Market Simulation in Banff. LOVED it. Would like to do some work again with Canadians. You can find me on Twitter: ScriptWrite, or on my website: http://www.abovebored.com.au

  28. enjoying reading the introductions.

    I'm a writer/photographer/producer, mostly involved in the folk/Irish/Scottish areas.
    you may find me at
    http://musicroad.blogspot.com -- blog
    http://kerrydexter.shutterfly.com --photography
    http://www.freelancesuccess.com/kerrydexter --clips

  29. My name is Jason Silver, and I'm a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist from www.jasonsilver.com.

    Nice to meet everyone else here!

  30. Visual Arts Brampton (@vab) is a 23-year-old community art group, based out of Brampton, Ontario. We offer workshops, studio spaces, and exhibits at Artway Gallery and various other spots throughout the community.

  31. I am a photographer living on beautiful Gabriola Island. I do some stock/commercial work but my love is fine art. Working on my website at www.lanasmith.com and on twitter I"m @LanaS_Photo.
    Hi all

  32. Hi.

    I'm playwrite, photographer and EnergizerMummy.com. This is a fantastic resource and fills in where Theatre Ontario and Equity Showcase left off. Congrats and thank you!!

  33. And if I could actually write in English, I would have said "I'm A playwrite, photographer and EnergizerMummy..." Must be Tuesday.

  34. Christine McAvoy
    24 year old photography currently living in Vancouver BC, but born, raised and schooled in Ontario (Niagara Region and Toronto/Ryerson).

    I shoot for Vancouver Magazine, Ion Magazine and Xtra West primarily out here and have shot for many other publications on a freelance basis.
    I also do weddings on the side with my partner Jonathan Taggart, and LOTS of live music photography.

    My porfolio: http://www.mcavoy.ca
    My blog: http://www.mcavoy.ca/blog.html
    Wedding Photography: http://www.bandc.ca

    Twitter: @christinemcavoy and @BandCWS

    email: cmcavoy@mcavoy.ca or info@bandc.ca

  35. Hi. I'm Megan Mooney. I am a theatre writer in Toronto. After writing for someone else for a few years, I decided to start my own publication. I now edit Mooney on Theatre - http://www.mooneyontheatre.com

    It's been going for about a year now. And I love the role of editor, but I still get to write.

    The idea is to be descriptive, not necessarily critical. To give a flavour of the play so that people will not only know the writers opinion, but also whether or not it's something they might like, even if the writer doesn't.

    The driving force behind this was that I wanted to make theatre more accessible for people. Time and time again, when I speak to 'non-theatre people' I'm told that theatre can be intimidating. They don't want to go because they think it will be 'too artsy', or they 'won't get it'. They feel like theatre is a secret club that they're not really allowed into. I'm hoping to give them a flavour of stuff so that they see that it's less complex than they think.

    Mooney on Theatre - http://www.mooneyontheatre.com

    Twitter - http://twitter.com/mooneyontheatre

  36. Louis Au - Toronto
    Photographer, educator, technical consultant.

    I have been making my living in the stock photo industry for the past 16 years. I shoot for stock but my love is in fine art and I exhibit my work in the Toronto area.

    I am also an instructor at Pikto in the Distillery District where I give different workshops on capture technologies and workflow.

    I recently founded f11project to give young photographers opportunities to showcase their work in downtown Toronto.

    Glad to be part of this exciting community.

    Site: www.55pixels.com
    eMail: 55pixels@gmail.com
    Twitter: 55pixels

    Site: www.f11project.com
    eMail: info@f11project.com
    Twitter: f11project

  37. Hi Everyone!

    I am @Fantasy_Art on Twitter. I have a Fantasy Art Blog (http://fantasy-art-and-portraits.blogspot.com) that promotes fantasy artists and fantasy art, and tweet links to it regularly at @Art_Links (no interaction there -- message me at @Fantasy_Art for that).

    My main focus is my website, The Fantasy Art of Computer Games (http://www.fantasy-art-and-portraits.com) where I showcase screenshots of fantasy computer games, to bring game art to art lovers who may be otherwise missing out by not playing computer games.


    I hope Canada Arts Connect will compile a list of twitter addresses from this blog post so that interested parties can easily follow each other.

  38. Hi Everyone !

    My name is Daniel Proulx.
    I am @SteampunkRings on Twitter . Im a full-time Steampunk - Neo-Victorian - Retro-Futurist jewelry designer . My company name is Catherinette Rings .

    I have an Etsy store where you can see my newest inventions : http://www.CatherinetteRings.etsy.com

    I just found this site on twitter via @Fantasy_Art

  39. @ Simon: I like the idea of compiling a list of twitter addresses from the CAC community. It seems like another great way for everyone to connect. I'll definitely do up a post with a list soon! Thanks!

    :) Desirée
    Canada Arts Connect

  40. Hi there everyone. My name is Jenny Potter and I am a multimedia reporter situated in Northern Ontario.
    Last year I graduated from journalism school in Ottawa and jumped into a reporting position at the North Bay Nugget. Here I take photos, write article for print and web, shoot and edit video and maintain the website on the weekends.
    To follow my adventures as a lone cub reporter making it in the wild of Northern Ontario, add @potterjenny to Twitter.
    Also my flickr site is www.flickr.com/moveyourknees

  41. @robertnolan on Twitter.

    Hi. I'm Robert Nolan, a busy actor working out of Toronto, Ontario at the moment.

    I believe that if your dreams are to come true, you had better help them up the mountain and, yes, kick them in the ass a couple of times when they start complaining about the work. Otherwise they'll just be wispy clouds in the clear blue sky way up high fading slowly out of view.

    This means 100% commitment and giving your best on each project. That's what I intend to keep doing.

    Right now I'm doing mostly film work at present (features, shorts and TV) but have a hunger for the stage that I intend to satisfy soon!

    My range runs through extremely dark character exploration in drama (lead roles in "Scent of Rosemary", "Last Fare" and "Worm") to more recent cutting-edge comedy ("Inside Steve's Mind: 'Hitler's Apology' - playing Adolf) and 'This Movie Sucks!'.

    I've completed three features this year ('Lucky 7'(principal), 'A Date With Fear' (principal) and 'This Movie Sucks! (lead)' and I am in negotiations for one more.

    Just wrapped on an episode of 'Cold Blood 2' - "Sarah Whitehead" (principal) for Global, ITV and Discovery Channel.

    Doing a PSA ('Public Service Announcement') this weekend on an anti-bullying message through a music video slated for MuchMusic.

    If you would like updates on projects I'm involved with, please see my Twitter page - http://twitter.com/robertnolan

    My website is http://wwww.robertnolan.net - this has links to my actor demo reel, IMDB ('International Movie DataBase') page, and videos of some of the films I've been involved in.

    Looking forward to being part of a great community hear to to learning all about you too!


    Robert Nolan


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