The CAC daily job posts are a great opportunity
to introduce your art to the thousands of people
who drop by the site each and every day!
Send in your images (info on how to do that below) and each day a new piece will be included with the daily job listings with artist info and a link.
Anyone can send images! From photographers to painters to accessories designers to landscape artists. If you've created an incredible piece of art and can send it as an image, CAC would love to feature it on the site.
(You have to be living in Canada, sorry!)
If you would like to submit your images to Canada Arts Connect to be featured along with the daily listings...
Send an email to CAC@DesireeO.com.
* Put "post Art" in the subject line of the email.
* Send up to 5 images at a time.
* Images must be sent in jpeg format.
* Try to keep images between 300x200 pixels to 500x400 pixels in size. If you're not sure about sizing, just ask or try sending what you have.
In the email include:
· Your full name.
· Your city and province.
· Your website link (if you don't have a website we can include your email address).
· The title of each image (clearly mark which title goes with which image).
· Make sure to say in the email that it is okay to use the images on Canada Arts Connect.
· And if you're on Twitter, include your @ name.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
[* Pieces featured above are:
“High Park” by Ryan Hayward (www.myspace.com/ryanhayward);
“Nature-Inspired Pierced Pendant 1” by Galadriel Watson (www.galadrielwatson.etsy.com);
“Squid” by Karley Tabak – She Sews Lovely (www.shesewslovely.ca);
“The human heart is a fragile thing” by Rachael Ashe (http://rachaelashe.com);
“boring saturday” by Joseph 'Chico' Pinheiro (www.chicodaily.blogspot.com);
“Suddenly Jennifer” by Richelle Forsey (www.richelleforsey.com);
“Full Moon on Mars” by Raphael Borja (www.flickr.com/rborja);
"jacksoncreek16" by Jeffrey Macklin (www.jacksoncreekpress.ca)]

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